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Travel Insurance Post Brexit


What is going to happen with travel insurance for Britons after Brexit?

Uncertainty remains as to what the deal will be for Britons visiting Europe after the United Kingdom leaves the European Union. During the period running up to the vote in 2016 the remain side warned us that the EHIC card (European Health Insurance card) might not be valid post-Brexit. This has still to be decided.

There is a genuine fear that visiting the rest of Europe (that includes favourite hotspots like Spain and France) could be similar to the rest of the World and the USA in terms of getting sick or having an accident. If you are admitted to hosptial in many places around the world then you have to show means to pay for any treatment. This is often a credit card or could even be cash. One reader reported once that on admission to a hospital in Thailand they were directed to an ATM within the emergency room!

European Travel Insurance Brits

Is the EHIC card still available and working for Brits in Europe?

As things stand (October 2018) the British version of the European health card still works and is valid throughtout Europe. There has been reports that some hospitals in Spain have refused Britons medical treatment. Public hospitals throughout Europe should always accept the EHIC card but some clearly make their own rules up.

Listed below are a selection of post-Brexit travel insurance options...

Aviva Insurance AVIVA Travel Insurance

Aviva who are formally known as Norwich Union will cover the for single trips and some multi.
- They insure individuals, couples, families and groups of up to 9 people
- Optional cover for multiple trips of up to 45, 60, or 90 days duration
Quotes from £12.00

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Alpha Insurance Alpha Travel Insurance for cover for trips up to 24 months

- Doctor managed medical emergency helpline 24 hours a day, every day of the year
- You can return home twice on their long stay insurance
- Cover includes cancellation, medical emergencies, personal belongings, cash and travel documents and much more.
- Long Stay Cover for Worldwide and European trips as long as not travelling against the advice of the FCO
Online quotes from £19.00

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Travel Insurance for Medical

Optional Independent Traveller Insurance to provide cover when individual elements of a trip are booked separately, rather than as part of a package. This enhancement also provides cover for flights cancelled or delayed as a result of travel disruption caused by a volcano.
- No wardrobe worries - up to £2,500 for lost luggage
Quotes from - £59.22 (Med Policy)


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explorer cover Explorer Travel Insurance
Explorer provides cover for anyone of any age so where ever you are going in holiday this year you can be sure of getting travel insurance. If you are aged over 65 years or have pre-existing medical conditions, Explorer Travel Insurance can help with our Platinum policy.
- Choose from Single Trip, Annual Multi Trip, Winter Sports, Cruise and Backpacker Travel Insurance.
- Up to £10 million medical expenses cover, 24 hour emergency assistance and Terrorism cover
Online quotes from £23.11

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Get Going Get Going Holiday Insurance
Get going, as specialists in medical travel insurance, they understand the difficulties of finding the right medical travel insurance cover at the right price.1,000s of medical conditions are considered and covered including but not limited to HIV, Depression, High Blood Pressure, Hep A/B/C and Asthma..
Single trips for any age up to 185 days only
Long Stay / Backpacker up to 18 months (age up to 55)
Quotes from - £29.34 (Get Going Single)

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good to go Good to go Insurance

Will cover the age group of 65 plus with no upper age limit.
- Cover is available to travellers on a course of chemotherapy or radiotherapy
- Natural Catastrophe Cover (inc. Volcanic Ash) available
Online quotes from £14.11

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Saga  Insurance SAGA Over 50s Travel Insurance

Saga'st policies cover European and worldwide Holiday insurance for persons of any age!
All pre-existing medical conditions considered.
- Cancellation cover – up to £10,000 cover (per person, per trip) should you or your travelling companion have to cancel or abandon your trip

Quotes from £16.00

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Jet2 Jet2 Insurance
With single trip insurance you can have complete peace of mind for the duration of your holiday, from 3 days to 3 weeks or more!
Medical Emergency & Repatriation (up to £10,000,000)
Cancellation, Curtailment & Trip Interruption (up to £3,500)
Personal Possessions (up to £2,000)
Quotes from - £29.34 (Get Going Single)

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Columbis Columbus Direct Insurance
Will cover Holidaylers up to the age of 85.
- A leading specialist provider for over 25 years
- Offers cover for pre-existing medical issues
Online quotes from £14.11

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Jet2 Coverwise Insurance
Cverwise we appreciate customers have either chosen to or are considering placing their business with us. We feel that travel insurance is essential to ensure peace of mind whilst travelling or for financial security when pre-booking a trip.

Single and annual multi trip policies tailored to travellers needs with wide cover and competitive prices
Independent travel for all named policy holders on annual multi trip policies
Global 24/7 emergency medical assistance
Online uotes from - £29.34


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Columbis WorldNomads Insurance up to 18 months

Travel insurance for independent travellers. Buy, extend & claim online, even after you’ve left home.
- Their multi-lingual assistance team can help you when you need it most, connecting you with medical treatment and transportation.

Online quotes from £32.11

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Brexit NEWS

There is still no definitive date for officially leave the EU. The Brexit day in March 2019 is still fixed but no one knows what's really going to happen. There is currently talk of extending a transition period until beyond 2020 but nothing has been decided upon.

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